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Exotics/Avian Emergency

Avian & Exotic Emergency


Anticipation of complications before they occur is imperative with exotic pets. As a Specialty and 24 hour Emergency Hospital, Long Island Veterinary Specialist is available to treat avian, small animal, and reptilian pets and provide them with the special care needed by an exotic pet.

Our facility is open 24 hours 365 days a year for exotic pet emergencies. Specialists are available for consults for many issues ranging from:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for common ailments
  • Orthopedic repair for breaks, fractures, and prosthetics 
  • Neurological evaluations and treatments including seizures and vestibular episodes
  • Ophthalmological assessments, treatments and corrective surgery for issues with a pet’s vision
  • Behavioral issues dealing with dominance, aggression, anxiety and more
  • Dermatological issues and Allergies 
  • Soft tissue surgery 
  • Dentistry
  • Husbandry 
  • Poison toxicity treatment
  • 24 hour care and observation
  • Medical and emergency boarding
  • If needed, end of life care


Long Island Veterinary Specialists is a state of the art veterinary hospital with qualified
professionals who are available to provide exotic pet care. We offer a range of imaging
diagnostics from radiographs and ultrasounds to CT scans and 3T MR imaging.

Avian & Exotic Emergency Team