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Please let us know about your experience at LIVS. And feel free to send us a picture of your pet too.




"My dog, Zoe, had gotten a corneal ulcer when she was scopula months old. Over night it went from a small cut to corneal melting that took over 90% of her eye. I was devastated, but Dr. Sapienza quickly fit us into his schedule and saved her eye. He's an amazing doctor And I owe him her vision. He was able to operate on her and save the eye. Every check up is always a pleasure and the staff treats Zoe like a princess! Love them all and I thank them all."

-- Andrea Giron



"Our Zoey wasn't herself. We took her to our Vet, Dr. Greenburg and she ran some test. Our Zoey had a tumor on her adrenal gland. Gr. Greenberg recommended that we take Zoey to LIVS as they had the means to treat Our little girl. We setup the appointment, met with the surgeons who explained the process to me and my husband and not too long after that Zoey had her surgery to remove the tumor. That was two years ago. Throughout the process the staff kept us updated on Zoeys status and progress and before you know it Zoey was back home with us. We bring her every 6 months for rechecks with Dr. Tumlty, ones she looks forward to and we're oddly thankful for. We can't thank LIVS for all the care they gave us and our Zoey."

-- Lisa Francis



"Pez came into LIVS in early December for 2 herniated discs. Dr.Marino and his team operated on Pez. LIVS did a super job getting Pez to his old self."

-- Annette Portolano

cohen.jpg"Our 8-year old American Field Lab tore her CCL while fetching a tennis ball. She was completely lame on her back left leg. Long Island Veterinary Specialists surgeons performed a surgery called TPLO. Three months of recovery and she's 100%. Back to dock diving, swimming and fast running for the ball."

-- Julia Cohen



"My dog Kobe is a patient of Dr. Sapienza's. He was diagnosed with Diabetes when he turned 9 years old. A year later Dr SAPIENZA performed bilateral cataract surgery. Kobe had many complications, from secondary glaucoma to ci renal abrasions. Dr SAPIENZA, his team and everyone at LIVS were amazing and soent months helping Kobe get thru a very diffu ump time. Though his vision is still compromised due to his complications (he has extensive medical issues), Kobe is fourteen and doing very well. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone at LIVS...... Human practitioners could learn a thing or two regarding health care and compassion."

-- Debbi Bank



"Jasmine was 8years old when we were referred to LIVS after a mammary tumor was discovered by my local vet. Diagnosis was confirmed and treatment options were discussed. I opted for removal of the left chain of mammary glands and a hysterectomy. (I adopted her less then a year earlier and had no idea she was not spayed! ). After recovery she began several rounds of chemo which she handled without any side effects. Jasmine received professional loving care - she was always happy when arriving and wagged her tail as she was escorted in. Her recovery - now 2 years since treatment - has been 100%. She is a happy healthy dog and you would never even know she had surgery! I am so glad I went 100% in as she has exceeded recovery expectations. I have LIVS to thank for every day I have with her."

-- Peggi Mcgrath



"My German Shepherd dog, Falco had a mass located on his abdominal/chest region a few years ago. Dr. Marino performed surgery which saved Falco's life. I would highly recommend LIVS. From a former RN"

-- Diana Kehoe




"We found little Luigi on the porch of my daughters apt all alone. He was around 2 wks old. I took him to my home and took care of him til he was ready for his first vet visit. He was in good health received his vaccinations was neutered and he was a healthy kitten. Months later he started loosing his strength in his back legs. After several visits to our vet he suggested LIVS. Our visit made me feel comfortable in knowing Luigi would be OK. Dr Bilderback and staff have helped him every inch if the way. Thank you LIVS for all your help. He is turning 5."

-- Bernadette DeCostanzo



"Bentley, my 5 month old pug puppy, broke his leg when he slipped on the ice 7 years ago. I rushed him to my regular veterinarian who said the break was so severe that he needed a specialist. He referred me to Dr. Marino. My pug required that pins and screws be surgically implanted. I was so worried. Dr. Marino phoned me late that night himself to update me on the surgery and Bentley's condition. I received a call every morning from the nurses to tell me what Bentley ate and how he was doing. I picked my boy up 4 days later. They leashed walked him out - he was able to stand and walk on his own. I followed Dr. Marino's instructions so Bentley could heal properly. Twelve weeks later he resumed running around the yard and chasing his pug brother. You would never know he had surgery - no limp, no visible scar. It has been seven years and Bentley is still running around! Dr. Marino and his staff were wonderful."

-- Stephanie Gress



"My German Shepherd, Ice, has been to LIVS several times. When she was 2 she suddenly started collapsing after exercise. Fearing the worst - some sort of cardiac issues - i dragged her to specialists all over the Island for batteries of tests. When everything kept coming back normal, my vet and I were at a loss. She suggested I see Dr. Carver for a consult. Dr. Carver immediately determined this to be a pain response although she never appeared lame and none of her other doctors was able to find any signs of injury. She referred Ice to Dr. Marino who admitted her for thermography, gait analysis and an MRI where he discovered that she had mild hip dysplasia, a slightly injjured disc and a partially torn cruciate ligament in her knee. After some discussion, we agreed to a TPLO to repair her knee and then see if she needed further treatment for her back or hips. Surgery was a success and her recovery was completely uneventful! I am happy to report that 5 years later she is nearly 100%. She has some occasional lameness due to arthritis but nothing that slows her down. A couple of years later, Ice was back to see Dr. Marino for front leg lameness which turned out to be bilateral elbow displaysia. He repaired this arthroscopically and after a quick recovery she never has pain in her front legs. You guys are the best! Ice loves her doctors and all the staff at LIVS and never complains about her visits there!"

-- Angela Mongiello



"Our one year old Black Lab mix, Colby, was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia and had his surgery at LIVS in June 2013. Not only did the staff take good care of him, they were very professional and caring with our family. After we followed the 10 week recovery instructions very carefully, Colby was back doing the thing he loves the most....running and playing in our local dog park!!"

-- Madeline Falcone


"We have 3 french bulldogs. Mom (Zelda) after having 5 pups naturallysuffered a slipped disk and was totally paralyzed. LIVS did and emergency surgery on her back. The doctors kept me always advised on her progress and went to pet therapy too. Once home we followed everything we were to do and soon she is prancing, walking running with a bit of a hitch. We are very thankful to LIVS or else she would be in a wheely. My other frenchie had to have eye surgery and he had poked his right eye. The left one had a juvenile cataract and could not see causing him to puncture the right. Another emergency surgery and he is still blind, but has very limited vision on the eye that they fixed. I just trust them with my doggies and recommend them to everyone I meet."

-- Lucille Kromholz


"At the age of 2 my yellow lab Homer was diagnosed at LIVS with myasthenia gravis.He began 6 months of extensive treatments and hospital stays. His feeding tube was a success and homer went into remission within the next year. I knew Homer was getting such great care at LIVS by not only his rapid recovery from near death but also his behavior. Although he was so sick he would actually drag me through the waiting room to get to his "nurses" aka vet technicians and other staff to greet them. Thanks to his treatment at LIVS Homer lived 11 more years til his recent passing at the age of 13. Since that experience I have used LIVS for multiple xrays, MRI and other tests on my golden retriever Sunny. I credit his longevity to the age of 14 with LIVS knowledgeable doctors. Now I have 2 new rescue dogs that although I hope never get sick, in reality LIVS is the first place I would trust with their lives."

-- Elaine Freedell

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